SINGAPORE  CONTACT, . “N-no”. War was work; work was war. stated otherwise, all other text and photographs on are He picked it up and it immediately licked his face, and he felt a strange kind of warm relief. Spanning half a century of literary development, these stories provide an introduction to the works of some of Vietnam's most talented writers of the modern era. It | Norman Mailer. The Japanese government did October 28, 2009 He raised an eyebrow. Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl named Tấm. The Vietnamese had... France Steps Out, U.S. Steps In. google_ad_height = 90; A South Vietnamese soldier comforts severely wounded comrade. google_color_border = "999999"; It was a beautiful dog with the fluffiest tail, all bunched up at the back, and an inquisitive face that seemed to question him every time he looked at it. Here is her story. Opinions expressed on Readers' Submissions pages do google_ad_width = 728; -How to Cross the Street But despite her mother’s absence, Tấm was a very happy girl since her father, who loved her dearly, devoted his days raising her and looking after her. HE DOESN'T REMEMBER the dog’s name now, or whether he even gave it one. It doesn’t take a genius to discover the moral in this, if there is one – namely that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; that people always desire what is expensive and difficult to maintain, and so on. Near Saigon. I was the one who endured the most horrific sunburns if I used sunblock that was weaker than SPF 50. He was on the front lines in An Loc from 1973-75, then in a re-education camp for a few years, before escaping by boat with his wife in 1980. Chử Đồng-Tử and princess Tiên Dung. Fairy Tales. This impression stems mostly from one vivid encounter I had with Saigon’s boys in green late one Thursday night. A little way ahead, he saw a comrade slumped in the corner where two dirt walls met. The Boatman’s Flute - A Vietnamese Love Story. Once, after following a kid who looked to be in preschool across the road, I watched in amazement as she turned around and skipped through the traffic back to the other side. He grew fond of the dog, even when its tail fell off when they got close to the Cambodian border to reveal a red, raw behind, and he realised that it had been shaved, changed, just to be sold as something exotic and rare. If you are a veteran, know a veteran, or are related to a veteran, and would like to place a personal story on the Online Veterans Tribute, please mail it to: American Veterans Center 1100 N. Glebe Rd. Source: Supplied. google_ad_format ="728x90_as"; By far the most important status symbol was a pearl-white, luminous face - ‘a face like the moon’, as the saying goes. google_color_bg ="FAFAF3"; It happened in the early morning hours of December 27, 1966, Near T hôn Xuân Sơn, Vietnam. He’d made a promise long ago not to let himself get too emotional or attached to anything. For one, the government keeps track of everyone – citizens and foreigners – by requiring them to register wherever they spent the night. He seemed to adjust after the Vietnam War, but then he lost his job and deteriorated. The second is that, as impossible as it seems, every one of those drivers is paying close attention to where they're going.. Without a word they trooped in. The history of Vietnam can be traced back to around 4000 years ago. My landlady had apparently failed to do this, I suppose on the assumption that nobody would notice the presence of a blond-haired blue-eyed American living in a Vietnamese apartment block. Phan was unsuccessful in procuring aid from the Japanese. Touching his face, he realised his glasses had blown off with the detonation. Occasionally I would see women who had slathered themselves a bit too liberally with these products and the result was always lamentable. google_ad_height = 90; The senior officer considered me thoughtfully and asked where I was from (although, come to think of it, he should’ve been able to tell that from my passport). population. The banging became more insistent and, now in high dudgeon at the disturbance, I stalked over and threw the door open. It went on like that. (AP/Horst Faas). An anthology series featuring stories suggested by true events occurring during the war in Vietnam, often written by Vietnam … On this particular day, he flew the lead plane among Phantoms providing cover for bombers on a mission over Hanoi. He could hear one of his patients crying, another one reciting a prayer to Buddha: Nam mô a di đà Phật, Nam mô a di đà Phật…. In most societies it is incumbent upon you, the individual, to avoid getting run over. Even when one is dealing with a permanent or semi-permanent residence, the owners of the apartment are supposed to register their tenants with the local police station. 4 Creepy Ghost Stories From the Vietnam War Saigon's haunted apartments. I poured myself a drink and went back to the window. The days and nights were the same – long, uncertain – but when he burrowed underground at night to sleep, there the dog was, a snug little body, a heartbeat on his.  THAILAND Though it was a relatively short battle, it was by far the most intense fighting I saw during my tour. The three silent officers were young and had probably been raised to love their Uncle Ho, but maybe the older one had fought for the South Vietnamese Army, or perhaps even for the Americans?...No, if that were the case they’d never have hired him as a police office and anyway, it was too late. The dog sat obediently by his side. He coughed and the dirt entered his lungs, causing him to splutter. A collision between a pedestrian and a motorbike (or bicycle) can be dangerous for everyone involved, especially if the motorbike is loaded down with a family of four – mother, father, teenager and baby - as Vietnamese motorbikes often are. Afterward, she worked for the Department of … The veterans had returned. google_color_link ="333399"; OK, now to business. THERE WAS A little dog, for a short time. So when they heard the clicks, far off – a sound no other human would hear, could hear, in normal circumstances – they all jumped. In Vietnam, the traveler experiences the paranoia of the Communist government mostly as a series of inconveniences. When I first arrived in Vietnam I took a small room in the backpacker quarter with the aim of becoming an English teacher. google_color_text = "000000"; Still, if you can work up the nerves, it makes every crosswalk an adventure. This memoir project by their daughter Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen will explore her parents' journey to Australia as refugees after the war, and her upbringing as a Vietnamese Australian. His tongue felt dry. He leapt down to find his patients huddled – a bleeding leg here, a weeping arm there, all along the earthen wall, little foxholes everywhere. They waited. A Short Guide to the Vietnam War Ho Chi Minh Comes Home.  AFGHANISTAN Three Short Stories of Vietnam-All's Fair-How to Cross the Street-Ho Chi Minh's Finest . She wasn’t the only one to ask me that (and I could never quite be sure if they were serious or not), but from then on I always told them “It’s not for sale”, which at the time seemed like a tremendously witty thing to say. A story of Vietnam and Japan 1911 1906 Phan asked Ōkuma Shigenobu (served prime minister of Japan) for financial assistance to fund the activities of Vietnamese revolutionaries. If you run, stop, or made any sudden movements they'll get confused and tragedy may ensue. So, if you walk at a steady pace across the street, the drivers will be able to estimate where they have to go to avoid you. The soldier-doctor got it when he went back to Saigon on one of the rare breaks he was allowed – to recharge, see family, remember what it was like to exist outside of a war zone. The following is an account of the battle at LZ Bird. The government-approved English –language newspapers were full of articles praising the government, and propaganda posters adorned every street corner, but as a foreigner I never endured any serious restrictions on my movements, speech, or actions. else that could be remotely affiliated with the talesofasia name. Vietnam: The War that Made Australia continues a tradition of outstanding factual programs and films about the conflict that redefined our culture. In the short history of Vietnam War literature, publishers would hardly touch a book on the war until the late 1970s and early 1980s—a part of the self-induced national amnesia about that conflict and its outcome. google_ad_client ="pub-7250384783218951"; The 1980s was a time to tell the stories of the Vietnam War. than Stasi. The Story of Tấm and Cám. His eyes still adjusting to the dust, he began to stumble towards it, as his instincts kicked in – to help the wounded, as was his job. The legend that follows is one of the oldest of Vietnam, reputedly going back to the early years of the semi-legendary Hong Bang dynasty. Before The Sympathizer won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, many readers didn’t know any authors or books written from the Vietnamese perspective. Once this was accomplished I realized that I needed some more formal attire with which to maintain my respectability. “Your family…are they very rich?” That was a prelude to a bribe if ever I heard one. Every profession and social class is represented; businessmen in suits, schoolgirls in their diaphanous white ao dais, teenagers trying to show off for their girlfriends – the motorbike is in many ways the cornerstone of Vietnamese life. The story of the war in Vietnam continues in Ken Burns' landmark documentary series The Vietnam War, now screening on Saturdays from 7:30pm on SBS. In 111 BC, the Han Dynasty from China absorbed Vietnam into their empire. They looked deathly ill more than anything else. CRAWLING OUT OF the foxhole, he looked around him to all of his comrades doing the same – clutching their sides, touching their eyes, noses, mouths, surprised, grateful, guilty to be alive. google_ad_width = 120; Hadn’t my Vietnamese girlfriend said something about her father being a policeman? While still absorbed in this I felt a tap on my shoulder. Among other things this was a hassle as it necessitated handing over one’s passport whenever one stayed in a hotel.  FORUM It is probably of Taoist inspiration and affirms a belief in genie and immortals. We need to talk about the time Batman supported the Vietnam War. google_ad_client = "pub-7250384783218951"; One woman demanded to know what kind of special diet I was on to maintain such a complexion. Darkness came that night, as it always did, and the next day, the sunlight.  ABOUT ToA With Cameron Arnett, Tony Becker, Joshua Cadman, Cynthia Bain. Vietnam has a history of tribes uniting to form strong dynasties. A short story about a veteran from his wifes point of view and how he was a conscientious objector in viatnam and what he is today. -Ho Chi Minh's Finest,